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Crown Sydney, Barangaroo CCTV Monitoring

International Tower One commissioned Micron Group to design, implement and install a military grade CCTV system to monitor the newly built Crown Casino, and surrounding apartments.


International Tower 1, Barangaroo encountered damage caused by the construction of the Crown Casino. Management of the site installed cameras on the level 18 and 34 balconies to monitor the construction however they only take still photos every so often. Micron was engaged to design a custom solution incorporating cameras mounted strategically on the side of the building to provide continuous footage of the construction of the new buildings next to the casino. The installation comprised of 4 hazardous area military cameras on the level 3 podium, and 4 cameras on the balconies of level 18 and 34. An Optical Fibre / Copper backbone CCTV network was installed and configured to display the cameras simultaneously in the precincts’ basement security control room and the level 23 building management office.

Unique features of this project

Micron was able to provide extensive continuous footage of the construction site using 8 military grade cameras and Milestone CCTV software.
• Level 3 cameras: AXIS P3228-LVE Outdoor 4K fixed dome for any light conditions.
• Used by the UK military, Micron Group scoped designed and implemented the Level 18 and 34 cameras: The cameras boast exceptional performance and reliability – AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ with 30x optical zoom and 21x digital including optimized IR capable of an unprecedented 400m night vision range.
• Ubiquiti Giga network switches were used for the CCTV network.


Assessing cable reticulation paths in Australia’s largest building from plant rooms to the camera locations on the side of the building with minimal impact was Micron Group’s foremost challenge. We were able minimize damage, drilling and fixing by using custom engineered support systems and relevant penetrations and conduits within the tower.


Micron Groups time schedules were updated weekly and presented to building management. Micron Group finished and delivered the project two weeks ahead of schedule.

Project Details


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