Micron Group


Micron Engineering Services include, Backbone design & engineering, Design consultation, Control panel design and construction, Industrial equipment, Electrical infrastructure auditing and mapping, Power monitoring solutions, Workshop drawings.


Professional installation services include, Electrical communication & security installations, Design consultation, Ground up construction, Commercial fit outs, Office fit outs, Strip out services, Rough in services, Budget and tendering consultation, and Long term leasing of site utilities.


Regular Maintenance for your team includes, Regular lighting maintenance, Earth leakage (RCD) testing and maintenance, Appliance test and tagging, Thermal scanning – audit evaluation and repair, Emergency systems – audit evaluation and repair, Switchboard maintenance and repair, Battery testing and maintenance, Lightning arrester / equipment maintenance and repair, Pump and motor testing and maintenance.


Adhoc & Emergency services include, Fault identification and repair, Electrical installations, Electrical maintenance, Cabling reticulation, Lighting maintenance, Scheduled maintenance services, Lighting maintenance, Residual current devices testing, Appliance test and tagging, Thermal scanning – and audit evaluation and repair.


MicronGroups Specialist services include, Sustainability solutions,  Switchboard installations, Variable frequency drives, Motors and pumps, Control panels, Thermal scanning, Power factor correction service installation & repair, Power Analysis Uninterrupted power supplies, Surge protection, Fire indicator panels, Very early warning systems, Programmable logic controls, Automation solutions, Lightning protection. Further Reading – Specialist Power Analysis



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