Micron Group Fibre Optic Cable Installation Project

Fibre Optic Communications Backbone

Fibre Optic Cable Backbone, International Towers Tower One Barangaroo

During the first half of 2020, Micron were engaged to designed and install a shared network solution for Tower 1, International Tower Sydney Barangaroo. Utilizing fibre backbone cabling between low, mid and high rise levels, structured Cat6A network cabling on each multi occupancy floor and high speed wireless access points, Micron’s data network solution was to provide the multi occupancy floors with a single unified network with seamless transitions across all spaces. This data cabling installation employed a dedicated fibre 100MB/s service into a dedicated rack and patch panel which was then distributed throughout the building using fibre network uplinks and gigabit switching. This design solution provided high speed Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the shared spaces, without the need to reconnect or re-enter a password on each floor.

The data network was then divided into three separate networks, AV, user and guest to ensure a seamless, secure experience for all connected users and devices. The entire data network was designed so that all floor switches and Wi-Fi access points can be managed through a single network user interface, providing a unified security management system and reducing the need to physically access individual components for any future configuration changes or trouble shooting.

Our team of technicians were able to complete the cabling installation over two weekends, followed by four full days of termination of all fibre and shielded structured cables, testing and network configuration. Since completion and handover of the network to building management, the network has experienced zero downtime and continues to provide high speed connectivity across all shared spaces within the high-rise building.

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    Fibre Optic Cable Backbone


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