November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016 Blog Team

Micron has been providing outsource solutions to private and public sector markets for well over a decade. Our complete range of preventative and predictive maintenance programs help business…businesses?

1. Reduce costs
The true cost of establishing and maintaining infrastructure inhouse is difficult to quantify. Hidden costs including, depreciation of equipment, technical training and re-training, employee turnover, limited technical and capital resource, equipment upgrades and lost productivity, are often overlooked when companies build and maintain internal systems. By adopting Micron as a key technical partner, the need to commit valuable capital and internal resources is significantly reduced, further reducing total expenditure and helping maximise end to end accountability.
2. Focus on core business
Managing infrastructure probably isn’t your core competency. The design, installation, integration, and management of business and infrastructure technologies is what we do best. By utilizing Microns management expertise, companies can direct valuable capital and human resource towards developing core products and services, and away from the technology that supports them.
3. Establish a competitive edge in the wake of change
Staying competitive in an ever-changing corporate environment requires increased agility, productivity and ability to adapt. Micron can provide your organization with a complete technologies solution to establish and maintain an edge over the competition.
4. Ensure reliability
Micron ensures minimal downtime and rapid recovery during unforeseen circumstances.
5. Increase speed to market
Where many organizations may not have the inhouse resources or technical expertise to adjust speedily to fluctuating business demands, Micron can work quickly to deploy technologies in a disciplined, skilful manner.
6. Employ superior technology
Micron has ready access to leading building and business technologies. Our team of engineers, technicians, managerial and support staff are dedicated to achieving standards of excellence in client focused energy and technologies solutions.
7. Improve customer satisfaction
Micron is quick to grasp problems and understand a customer’s business. We produce tangible results fast. Our Customer Satisfaction Program continually benchmarks our performance, ensuring our service level exceeds customer expectations.
8. Enhance flexibility
Micron can help scale solutions to suit your requirements in a cost-effective, proficient manner.
9. Increase performance and flexibility
Micron has a solid tradition in the design, installation, integration, and management of business and infrastructure technologies. It is what we do best. By utilizing our expertise companies can direct a greater focus on core business competencies.
10. Utilize our people
Micron employees are Confident, Dynamic, Progressive and …Approachable! Continued technical advancement is encouraged at all levels, affording Micron technicians the capacity to develop innovative solutions to challenging commercial and industrial problems.



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