Specialized Generator and ATS Installations

Generator ATS and Load Bank

Micron Group is one of the most trusted names in industry offering absolute customer service without compromise, our engineers and technicians utilise cutting edge technology to design, build, maintain and interconnect Generators, Load Bank systems, Automatic Transfer switches and generator switchboards.

We install generators for all industries, whether it be for hospitals, aged care centres, university campuses, commercial and Industrial buildings, our generator installations are designed and installed professionally and integrated to your buildings switchboard.

Micron Group engineers and concept design specialists will work with your team to achieve specific project goals for your next standby generator project.

From conception to development, we will supply and customize your generator installation to fit your specific application. Our commitment to customer service is second to none, ensuring you receive exactly what you need. Feel free to reach out, or if you need further assistance, call our Generator Experts today!

Specialized Generator Installations
Generator Installations

Generator Installations

From a one-off small generator installation to large industrial and commercial, standby power applications.

Micron Group will supply and install generators from the world’s leading and trusted brands. We install generators such as Cummins, Cat, Himoinsa, and Yanmar, we offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services all of which are covered and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, and Micron Group’s leading and trusted installation warranty.

We supply and install diesel generators for building, industry, commercial, and health sectors. Not only do we design and install generator systems, but we also provide 24/7 emergency assistance making sure our customers are 100% supported and backed by the Micron Group Guarantee.

Industry Sectors Serviced
• Rural
• Solar applications
• Industrial Sector
• Mining
• Construction
• Telecommunications
• Communications and data centres
• Finance and Banking
• Schools and Education
• University Campuses
• Government
• Defence
• Healthcare
• Aged Care

Generator Installations

Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch Installation

Equipment used to switch between the two power sources (typically the energy grid and diesel generator) is called a transfer switch. Transfer switches are controlled either automatically or manually, hence the name Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS), or manual transfer switch (MTS), with automatic being the popular choice.

Automatic and manual transfer switches are installed to the customers switchboard or dedicated ATS switchboard panel and integrated to the generator and grid power supply.

Automatic Transfer Switches
If you need a generator solution to backup power when the energy grid goes offline, look no further than Micron Group’s range of Automatic Transfer Switches. Our team will design supply and install a generator and ATS solution which meets your load requirement, is reliable, most importantly, operates effectively when you need it most.

Why Micron Group Automatic Transfer Switches?
For Mission Critical Applications Micron Group Automatic Transfer Switches are the industry standard offering rugged construction and proven performance assuring many years of reliability. We only choose and install ATS systems and controllers from leading and trusted manufacturers such as Schneider, NHP Socomec and ABB. We program our logic controllers for precise safe and reliable high-speed transfer of loads between alternate sources of power. When combined with a programmable microprocessor controller, keypad and LCD display, they offer the most advanced method of transferring all types of loads.

Automatic Transfer Switch Installations

Manual Transfer Switch

Manual Transfer Switch Installation

In budget conscious installations a Manual Transfer Switch may be an option if the connected load is not mission critical.

Manual transfer switches as the name implies lack the smarts and control options assigned to automatic transfer switch units. A manual transfer switch requires an operator to manually start the generator and then physically switch power (or load) from one supply to another. Each individual application is unique and for this reason we design the system according to individual client requirements.

Manual Transfer Switch Design & Installation

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