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Wireless BMU CCTV Installation at Barangaroo Tower One


Micron Group Restores Power To Aged Care Facility After Water Pipe Failure.

A significant water leak occurred at the St Basils aged care facility, Randwick precinct February 2021. Power was lost to the common areas of building B, which contains independent living units at the facility. Micron was requested to attend site, identify the extent of the damage, and determine what was required to safely restore power to the building as soon as possible. Read more

Access Control and Security System Installations by Micron

Let’s start by stating a fact – we live in challenging times. There is hardly any day when you don’t wake up to disturbing news reports of burglary, corporate espionage, data thefts and other criminal activities. A small vulnerability is always open to be exploited by people intended on causing harm to your business. At times they can deliver a killer blow to your business. As people with malicious intentions have become smarter, the security apparatus around your offices and other business locations also needs to be in sync with the times. You need to be one step ahead of the criminals to prevent unauthorised access, loss of data and other security issues.

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