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access control software by microngroup
access control software by microngroup

Added Ease and Security for Aged Care

As is often the case in many buildings, key systems often become neglected or obsolete over time, leading to decreased reliability and performance and negative impact to the businesses operating on the premises. The aging Concept Access control systems at one of Sydney’s premier aged care facility, a critical system which had reached its end-of-life., having ceased responding to attempts to interface with it for updating or programming tasks.

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What Fibre Optic Cable Do I need?

Why Micron Fibre Optic Cabling installation is the Premium Choice?

Over the past five years, as the incumbent communication and electrical contractors for Tower 1 Barangaroo, Micron Group has been responsible for the installation of all tenant fibre optic communications cabling connecting the building’s tenants to their respective telco service providers and the internet at high speed.

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micron technician installing CCTV ip network camera on BMU crane
micron technician installing CCTV ip network camera on BMU crane

Wireless BMU CCTV Installation at Barangaroo Tower One

How do you install a monitored CCTV system on a moving basket hanging 50 floors over the side of a 55 level skyscraper ? ? ?

The renowned and iconic Tower One, Barangaroo, was to undergo monitored façade upgrades earlier this year requiring the use of the buildings ‘building maintenance unit’ (BMU) housed on level 51 of the tower. Restoration required the use of specialized tools and equipment and all needed to be monitored in real time. Only one problem, how do you monitor a moving basket hanging 50 floors over the side of a 55level skyscraper? Enter Micron Group!


Power Restoration To Aged Care Facility After Water Pipe Failure

A significant water leak occurred at the St Basils aged care facility, Randwick precinct February 2021. Power was lost to the common areas of building B, which contains independent living units at the facility. Micron was requested to attend site, identify the extent of the damage, and determine what was required to safely restore power to the building as soon as possible. Read more

How To Find The Perfect Commercial Electrical Contractor In Sydney’s CBD

“Micron Group A Solid Team of Electrical Professionals With Exceptional Customer Service” ….. Colliers International

This is what our clients say about us, if you are looking for a professional team of electrical contractors within the Sydney metro and beyond, then look no further!  Micron Group will ensure your project is delivered to the highest quality workmanship using only premium components.


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Access Control and Security System Installations

Let’s start by stating a fact – we live in challenging times. There is hardly any day when you don’t wake up to disturbing news reports of burglary, corporate espionage, data thefts and other criminal activities. A small vulnerability is always open to be exploited by people intended on causing harm to your business. At times they can deliver a killer blow to your business. As people with malicious intentions have become smarter, the security apparatus around your offices and other business locations also needs to be in sync with the times. You need to be one step ahead of the criminals to prevent unauthorised access, loss of data and other security issues.

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