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Electrical Installation Services

Trusted by uncompromising top-tier clients including NSW Government, ASIC, PWC and Commonwealth Bank, Micron Group’s installation and maintenance electricians are certified experts in all facets of electrical technology, look no further if you need to re-imagine your building lobby, bring your retail vision to life or create an engaging, technology-rich office environment. We cover all bases from power and data, custom lighting solutions, audio visual, access control, CCTV and more.

Commercial Office Fitouts

Whether you are creating a new space or modifying an old, Micron Group’s installation electricians are your first choice for any business fitout solution.

Power Outlets and Equipment

Beyond the humble 10A outlet the modern commercial environment requires a wide range of power outlets matched to the demands of critical infrastructure. Whether your installation requires a 15A outlet for a hot water unit or a three-phase captive outlet for a roof top Building Maintenance Unit (BMU), Micron’s certified installation electricians have you covered with an extensive range of indoor and IP-rated outdoor options from the world’s top manufacturers.

Three-Phase Installations

From main switchboard upgrades, CT metering, to variable speed drives VSD’s and power factor correction units, Micron Group’s team of electrical engineers and commercial electricians are Sydney’s three-phase experts. Trusted by Australia’s top property teams including JLL, Dexus, Colliers and CBRE to maintain their vast portfolios of three-phase powered commercial assets, Micron Group can customise a solution for any three-phase power need.

Circuit Breakers and Fuses

Circuit protection is a key element of any electrical system. Each circuit breaker or fuse must be meticulously matched to the cable it protects, with appropriate discrimination to upstream protective devices to ensure the correct circuit is deactivated under fault conditions (and not your whole switchboard). Our installation electricians can install or replace everything from the smallest 6A circuit breaker up to monster 3200A Air Circuit Breakers installed in the largest commercial buildings.

Residual Current Devices (RCDs)

Residual current devices (or RCDs) play a critical role in safeguarding against electrocution or fire caused by faulty electrical equipment. Designed to detect small leakages of current and trip a circuit before tragedy strikes, RCDs are mandated by Australian standards to be installed on all new or modified subcircuits. Micron Group are experts in RCD protection and provide the complete range of services, from installation and replacement to periodic testing to ensure the electrical safety of your business.

Electrical Wiring Solutions

The installation of new equipment will often be accompanied by new electrical wiring to power it. Micron Group electricians can install three-phase mains cables, MIMS, steel armoured underground cabling or all-new lighting and power cabling anywhere in your building or tenancy. Experts in the full range of cable support systems including cable tray, steel and PVC conduit or catenary wire, Micron Group’s Installation and maintenance electricians will get your project fully wired and powered up in no time.

Specialised Electrical Installations

Every industry has its own unique way of doing business and often businesses require a custom or specialised electrical system. With clients across government, university, laboratory, office, retail and aged care, Micron Group installation electricians have intimate knowledge of what makes each business tick. From building automation to backup generators and load banks, HVAC systems and VSD motor control we have the expertise to tailor systems to meet your needs.

Data Services

To compete in today’s IT-based economy, the highest standards in communications infrastructure is crucial to ensure performance and reliability of any business. At Micron Group we are certified installers for many of the leading names in data cabling and fibre optic communications equipment and can provide the full range of data installation services, from new fitouts to the upgrade or expansion of existing IT networks and structured cabling.

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Installation and Maintenance Electricians


Switchboard Installation

Switchboard Installation Services

From large custom industrial and commercial Switchboard Installations to a one-off distribution board our installation electricians will complete and commission your project to the absolute highest standards.

Switchboard Installation

Micron Group design and install electrical switchboards, from the world’s leading and trusted brands such as NHP, Schneider, Eaton and ABB, we offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services all of which are covered and backed by the manufacturer’s warranty, and Micron Group’s trusted and comprehensive installation warranty. Furthermore, our installation and maintenance electricians ensure our customers are 100% supported 24/7.
Industry Sectors Serviced

• Construction
• Commercial
• Solar applications
• Industrial Sector
• Mining
• Telecommunications
• Communications and Data Centres
• Finance and Banking
• Schools and Education
• University Campuses
• Government
• Defence
• Healthcare
• Aged Care

Installation Electricians specialize in Switch Board Installations


Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Experts in all facets of electrical, Micron Group maintain and upkeep electrical systems to commercial and industrial buildings including the maintenance of power outlets, switches, surge protectors, HVAC, generators and lighting systems.

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Preventive or programmed maintenance is generally part of a building’s usual upkeep. Scheduled and periodic inspection and assessments of electrical systems and equipment enables our licensed maintenance electricians to identify and repair small problems before they escalate into large ones. Many buildings such as hospitals, aged care, and industrial plants heavily rely on these systems for daily operation, and it is imperative the systems are upkept in perfect working order.

Lighting Maintenance

Micron Group Offer lighting maintenance to all our clients. Whether it be light globes, fluorescent tube replacements for your office, or a complete lighting run throughout the building, our installation and maintenance electricians can assist with all your lighting needs. We are control experts, and our electricians are certified in all major automation lighting control systems including LED Lights, Dali, Clipsal Cbus, Schneider Automation, Dynalite, KNX and Casambi Wireless to mention a few.

Electrical Maintenance



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    Electrical Maintenance


Programmed Electrical Maintenance

Programmed Electrical Maintenance

Micron Group Specialize in Programmed Electrical Maintenance We offer premium service and support to ensure your business functions without compromise

RCD Testing

The safety of staff and visitors is of paramount concern for any business. One of the easiest ways to avoid the risk of injury, death (and the inevitable resulting litigation) is with the installation and regular testing of residual current devices (RCDs) in your switchboards. Review the NSW RCD testing requirements here Safework RCD Testing Requirements
Calibrated to detect small leakages of electricity and trip within 300ms, RCDs ensure anyone unfortunate enough to encounter a faulty appliance or exposed wire doesn’t receive a serious shock.
AS/NZS 3760 mandates that RCDs be tested twice per year, comprising of an annual injection test with specialist test equipment and a push button trip test in between.

Testing and Tagging

Keeping your electrical appliances in safe working order isn’t just a good idea, it’s required by law and mandatory. Review the NSW testing requirements here Safework Testing & Tagging Using specialist equipment Micron Group’s electricians firstly assess the condition of the power cable and then conduct an exhaustive test to confirm it is safely earthed, there is no leakage of current to exposed metal parts and lastly that the appliance is operational.
A tag recording test date and expiry is affixed to the cable and a register of all results delivered for your records.

Thermal Infrared Imaging

Electrical problems are often invisible yet can quickly escalate with catastrophic results. Thermal scanning ensures hot joints, over loaded cabling and other faults are caught early before they lead to failure or fire. Utilising a highly specialised infrared camera, a detailed heat image is captured of your switch board or equipment. Our maintenance electricians can immediately identify any high temperature areas of concern and take appropriate action to remedy.
As an important preventive measure, Micron Group recommends thermal scanning be conducted annually.

Exit and Emergency Light Testing

When smoke floods a building or a sudden loss of power plunges occupants into darkness, a clear, visible pathway to safely is critical. Overlooked by most building users, exit and emergency lights comprise one of the most important systems protecting the welfare of your staff, colleagues and visiting clients.
AS/NZS 2293 provides system requirements in detail, including guidelines for compliant arrangement and operational minimums such as a 90-minute duration while on battery that each exit or emergency light must illuminate for. Building managers and owners also must ensure an accredited practitioner certify their exit and emergency lighting systems to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) to council. Micron Group CFSP electricians have extensive experience across all forms of exit and emergency lighting, from testing stand-alone fittings to the latest wireless smart systems.

Switchboard Testing, Maintenance

Your switchboard is the heart of your electrical system, regular maintenance is great way to ensure everything will operate correctly and safely for the next 12 months.
Micron Group’s team of electricians know switchboards inside and out, whether it’s a small 12-pole residential board or a large main switchboard powering multiple floors and tenancies in a commercial building.
Starting with a visual inspection looking for signs of mechanical or heat damage and working through a list of maintenance items including the tightening of all nuts and bolts, checking correct toque, cleaning dust and debris and post service testing, we ensure your boards are operating at peak reliability and safety.

Lightning Arrestor Maintenance

A lightning strike can be devastating to your building, its occupants and your many sensitive electronic systems. That’s where a Lightning Protection System comes in.
Designed to redirect the energy of a lightning strike safely to the ground, your Lightning Protection System can only function to the degree it is maintained.
All conductors and joints need periodic maintenance to ensure good electrical continuity. From the lightning rod (air terminal) that captures the strike, to the earthing rod that grounds it, there can be multiple points of failure caused by corrosion, loose fixings or damage caused by strikes.

Programmed Routine Electrical Maintenance

Emergency Power

Emergency Power Systems
Generators and UPS

Using cutting edge technology our engineers and technicians design, build, interconnect and maintain Standby Power Systems including UPS, Generators, Load Banks, Automatic Transfer switches and Battery systems.

UPS Systems, Uninterruptible Power Supply

Micron Group offer complete end to end power quality and management solutions. We supply and integrate online filtered UPS (or inline UPS systems) from 1 up to 800KVA catering for all business sectors. Our technicians and engineers will integrate the UPS to captive outlets and switchboards as required.

UPS Batteries

Whether it be a battery bank for a UPS, large data centre, or specialized 110V DC emergency lighting backup system Micron technicians will supply, install, test and maintain any battery system for your application.

Bypass Switch

Micron Group design and install UPS bypass switches for critical environments. Bypass switches are a crucial component in any backup power solution. Having the ability to switch between UPS, standby, or normal supply is invaluable. Our Installation electricians will evaluate and assist with all your UPS requirements.


We are generator experts, Micron Group supply and install generators from leading and trusted brands. such as Cummins, Cat, Himoinsa, and Yanmar, offering complete installation and maintenance services backed by the manufacturer, and Micron Group’s uncompromising warranty.

Load Banks

Equipment used to test diesel generators, and other electrical power sources by simulating an electrical load is called a Load Bank. Micron Group are specialists when it comes to standby power, we design and install fixed or mobile dummy load banks to simulate and test generator systems.

Automatic Transfer Switches

Micron Group’s range of Automatic Transfer Switches is the ultimate solution for your generator power system, ensuring standby power is switched on when the energy grid is offline. Our team design, supply and install generators and ATS switchboards to effectively switch power when you need it most.

Standby Power Systems

Electrical Sustainability

Electrical Sustainability and Efficiency

Why complete a sustainability audit? Did you know most businesses could be wasting an enormous amount of money because of infrastructure and plant inefficiency? Micron electrical sustainability solutions could save you thousands in dollars and emmissions.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

EV Charging requires careful integration and consideration. Micron Group design, supply and install easy to use Electric Vehicle Charging Stations to car parks, loading docks, and private residences, all designed and integrated to your main switchboard.

Lighting Sensors

Micron Group electricians connect and install sophisticated light sensors and intelligent lighting control systems to ensure building energy efficiency and to improve sustainability.

Metering by Certified Installation Electricians

To improve sustainability and efficiency Micron Group electricians install advanced metering to lighting, power, and HVAC systems to monitor power and energy. Our electricians configure switchboards to monitor light and power so you have absolute visibility and control of your energy.

Variable Speed Drives (VSDS)

There’s no doubt that Variable Speed Drives vastly improve system efficiency. Micron Group electricians install integrate and program variable speed drives to AC motors and HVAC applications leading to one of the most significant energy savings in industry.

Electrical Sustainability- Auditing-Installation-Maintenance

Energy Quality

Energy Quality

Micron Group are energy quality and power analysis specialists, using advanced monitoring tools to determine site inefficiencies and electrical faults

Energy Auditing

Using advanced power analysis equipment coupled with advanced diagnostic software Micron Group electricians audit power and energy to determine power use and quality. We install power monitoring equipment to switchboards to identify and establish electrical system inefficiencies and monitor power usage and energy wastage.

Surge Protection

Micron Group electricians will supply and install Surge Protection equipment to your main switchboard, distribution or tenancy switchboard to ensure any transient voltages are clipped before they damage and affect your electrical appliances or building plant.

Power Quality Monitoring

Reliable, consistent, and quality power is critical for industrial operations and large businesses. Micron Group engineers and electricians use Power Quality Auditing as an essential tool to determine the quality of the electricity supply distributed to building switchboards and equipment.

Advanced Power Analysis

By Analysing Power such as voltage anomalies including unbalance, current, harmonics, power factor, flicker, and voltage spikes over a set period, (7 days typically) we identify and recommend sustainable initiatives to reduce power, increase equipment life ultimately saving our clients’ money.

Power Factor Correction

Power Factor Correction (PFC) plays an important role in reducing the amount of energy used in a building in-turn increasing your current capacity. By Installing PFC units to main switchboards and industrial applications, Micron Group will reduce your KVA demand saving thousands of dollars off client energy bills.

Energy Quality


Installation and Maintenance Electricians Available 24/7 365

24/7 Emergency Response

Available 24 7, Micron Group is fully licenced, we meet and exceed all national standards. Our installation and maintenance electricians are certified and inducted to all major industry platforms. We methodically attend to ad hoc requests daily for over 10,000 regular clients so whether you have lodged an emergency call out or ad hoc request our team is committed to meeting your deadlines.

Electricians Available 24/7- 365

We hold a multitude of accreditations, certifications, and awards. Our installation and maintenance electricians are available 24/7-365 ensuring your operation or business is supported without compromise. Whether you have lodged an emergency call or ad-hoc request our team is committed to meeting your deadlines.

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    Emergency Response


    24/7 Electrical Services

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering Services

We’ve got you covered, our highly skilled installation and maintenance electricians and electrical contractors are 100% backed by our highly trained engineers. Micron Group technicians are trained in all facets of the electrical industry, ensuring exceptional job deployment and delivery.

Micron Group provide engineering services including Consultation, Design and Construction for control automation systems, mission critical environments, HVAC and electrical mechanical services,

Engineering Services Include,

Electrical Mechanical Services
HVAC System Design and Automation
Electric Vehicle Charge Systems
Generator Standby Systems
Cad Drawings and Design

Electrical Engineering Services

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