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Specialized HVAC Mechanical Electrical Systems

HVAC Mechanical Electrical Services

In this Page you will discover how Micron Group design, develop, and install, sophisticated HVAC motor control systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Firstly, Micron Group specialize in installing electrical mechanical systems controlled by variable frequency drives referred to simply as VSD’s. We supply and install Variable speed drives, cable support structures, electrical mechanical boards, and all shielded power plus data cables that interconnect our installations to sensors and motors. Variable Speed Drives optimize the electrical system by varying motor speed based environmental factors, most importantly, by varying motor speed and altering the supply frequency, system performance is improved and in turn energy is greatly reduced. Secondly, and most importantly for building owners, mechanical switchboards designed with control systems can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in power costs resulting in sustainable buildings. Thirdly, by installing the correct HVAC mechanical electrical infrastructure and control strategy, the efficiency of the installation is optimized, and HVAC equipment operates efficiently, sustainably, and requires less maintenance. To sum up, our engineers will optimize your buildings HVAC infrastructure and control systems reducing power consumption resulting in efficient plant operation and longevity.

HVAC Mechanical Electrical Controls

Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives

Let’s consider Variable Speed Drives, many of you know Micron Group specialize in the installation and configuration of Variable Speed Drives or (VSD’S).

Our skilled team install, cable, and configure VSD’s such as Danfoss, ABB, NHP, Zener & Schneider to improve motor efficiency. Electric AC motor systems are by far the most important type of load in industry, using approximately 70% of the consumed electricity. In HVAC applications Variable Speed Drives have been identified as having the most significant energy saving potential. Fluid handling applications such as pumps, compressors and fans with variable flow requirements are loads in which the use of speed controls, (electric frequency drives) can lead to the largest energy savings. In addition, other applications which can benefit from the application of variable speed drives include HVAC, conveyors, machine tools, lifts, centrifugal machines, etc.
See a small sample of our work below.

Variable Speed Drives

Electric Motor Control

Electrical Motors

Industry recognizes the fact Micron Group offer specialty electrical and industrial motor control upgrade and installation services.

in addition, Micron Group supply and install electric motors for HVAC and commercial, industrial electrical-mechanical control system applications. Most importantly AC electric motors have been identified as having the most significant energy savings potential, in other words, when electric motors are installed and connected to an advanced control system, the entire system will function more efficiently, increase overall system life, and most importantly improve efficiency.

Electric Motors

Micron Group Mechanical Switchboards And Electrical Panels

Electrical Mechanical Switchboards

Working closely with premium Australian manufacturers and metal fabricators, Micron Group engineers design, configure and most importantly manufacture premium electrical mechanical switchboards.

Custom made both for internal and external applications, our control panels are all designed configured and assembled to our clients’ exacting standard. Firstly, our range of mechanical switchboards are constructed from premium components, we then incorporate sensors, metering and instrumentation equipment from leading manufacturers, the likes of Danfoss, ABB, Schneider, NHP and Mitsubishi. Our electrical mechanical switchboards cater for a range of HVAC and electrical mechanical applications such as, storm water, cold water booster, and sub soil systems, car park, kitchen and toilet exhaust systems, air handling, smoke spill and stair pressurization systems to mention a few.

Electric Mechanical Switchboard Design and Installation

Micron Group Automation Controls and PLC Automation

Electrical Automation Controls, Sensors, and PLC Programming

Let’s talk controls, Micron Group HVAC and automation systems are ultimately controlled by a range of specialized sensors,

Micron Group use specialized sensors such as pressure, proximity, temperature, pressure, position photoelectric, motion, level, Leak, flow humidity, liquid, gas and chemical sensors, wired to programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s). The output of the PLC logic system is then wired to transducers, relays, contactors, and timers which form the heart and soul of our automation systems. PLCs are programmed via PC using a ladder type software system consisting of a set of instructions either in graphical, or text form, representing the logic to be implemented for specific industrial applications. Micron Group automation systems monitor and control applications such as storm water, cold water booster, and sub soil systems, car park, kitchen and toilet exhaust systems, air handling, smoke spill and stair pressurization systems. Renowned as industry leaders in control automation Micron Group design and implement industrial and HVAC electrical controls, in fact we design and install cutting edge technology which aids in the automation and control of commercial and industrial processes.

Electrical Automation Controls and PLC Programming

HVAC Power Analysis and Data Logging

Power Analysis and Data Logging

Why Power Analysis? Did you know you could be wasting an enormous amount of money because of plant inefficiency?

Hundreds of commercial and industrial buildings use electrical-mechanical HVAC systems contributing up to 70% of power used in an installation. If the HVAC equipment used is poorly maintained, not operating correctly, or designed inefficiently an enormous amount of energy is wasted amounting to increased power costs. In fact, by conducting routine power analysis and logging electrical data Micron Group will help you identify electrical system inefficiencies, uncover system faults, and implement repair measures to minimize potential equipment failure. Most Importantly, by analysing power such as voltage anomalies unbalance, current (electrical flow measured in amps), harmonics, power factor, flicker, and voltage spikes over a set period, (typically 7 days) we can identify and recommend sustainable initiatives to reduce power, increase equipment life and ultimately save you money.

HVAC Power Analysis and Data Logging

Thermal Scanning of HVAC Plant and Equipment

Thermal Scanning of HVAC Plant and Equipment

Micron Group uses Thermal Scanning to deliver a non-invasive way to check for electrical HVAC faults which are not visible to the naked eye.

Most importantly, thermal imaging of HVAC systems provides a non-invasive way to check for non-visible electrical faults and get real-time results. It also avoids downtime that is often accompanied with other forms of inspection, and it even allows our technicians to undertake immediate repairs, offering our clients uninterrupted testing and maintenance simultaneously.

Why is Thermal Scanning so important? Left unrepaired electrical problems ultimately result in infrastructure failures. Most importantly, electrical mechanical HVAC systems are complex, and in most cases electrical problems are not easily detectable, ultimately leading to equipment failure with devastating results for the systems they control. For instance, motors controlling a data centre’s cooling system may fail due to a ‘Hot Joint’ (a stressed electrical connection which overheats and may melt), such failure can result in major setbacks and financial loss. Micron Group uses up to date calibrated thermal scanning cameras from renowned manufacturers such as Fluke or Flir coupled with sophisticated software to ensure your equipment is scanned and analyzed without compromise.

Electrical ThermographyAbove all, Micron Group’s electrical thermography offers the ability to inspect mechanical and electrical equipment such as HVAC mechanical switchboards, electrical connections, motors, variable speed drives, sensors, and automation equipment without powering them off. In fact, Micron Groups’ professional thermal scanning techniques means no downtime and equipment errors can be detected immediately.

Thermal Scanning of HVAC Plant And Equipment

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