3 easy ways to save energy and power

August 14, 2017 Blog Team

A Sustainable Future

“Our goal is to create new paradigms for energy, transportation, water, waste and control systems that contribute to best practices in our industry ”

Micron Group realizes that every action, no matter how small, has the power to impact. By engaging employees and staff in ongoing discussion and discovery of new innovative integration programs that will reduce carbon emission, we aim to implement sustainable technologies that will work with our changing environment.

“Micron – Certified Platinum EcoXpert .”

 Trusted to protect the environment in house and by leading Australian companies & Institutions.

Certified & Award Winning

Micron Group’s EcoXperts have an extensive skill set and are true specialists in their chosen fields. Being an EcoXpert means we have all the technical skills and knowledge required to assess, evaluate and integrate sustainable solutions that will benefit the earth.

With their vast knowledge and capabilities, combined with support and public endorsement from Clipsal and Schneider Australia, you can expect results when you engage with a Micron EcoXpert specialist.  Our engineers develop leading solutions which can be seen at our Lime Street “Experience Centre”.

3 quick and easy Ways Micron can help you save energy and power
   Lighting Control system and energy monitoring

Micron Group monitors, records, and analyses all power in our buildings. Complex in-house software design allows management and staff to see true value power and energy consumption at a click of a button. Our in-house engineers design new and sophisticated systems to increase efficiency, reducing energy consumption.  Power values such as KW/Hrs and carbon emissions are logged and analysed.

  Daylight harvesting- Blind Control

At Micron Group, Daylight Harvesting is part and parcel with what we do. Our buildings have multiple sensors monitoring light levels and temperature.  When outdoor light is at its maximum, internal lights dim to equalize and, in turn, save energy.  Complex software opens and shuts the blinds depending on sun exposure, further reducing energy consumption.

  Temperature and Plant Control

Micron Group monitors and records temperature within our buildings. We monitor Zones within the office and our software systems automatically monitor all external environmental factors then deploy internal and external sensor inputs to reduce HVAC utilization, further reducing energy consumption and water from the buildings cooling tower. Please check the services page of our website for more information.  https://microngroup.com.au/#section-services

Further Links and reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_conservation


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