Access Control and Security System Installations

August 14, 2019 Blog Team

Let’s start by stating a fact – we live in challenging times. There is hardly any day when you don’t wake up to disturbing news reports of burglary, corporate espionage, data thefts and other criminal activities. A small vulnerability is always open to be exploited by people intended on causing harm to your business. At times they can deliver a killer blow to your business. As people with malicious intentions have become smarter, the security apparatus around your offices and other business locations also needs to be in sync with the times. You need to be one step ahead of the criminals to prevent unauthorised access, loss of data and other security issues.

At Micron Group we realise that as a business owner you need to embrace the latest that technology has on offer to safeguard your property and interests. Businesses need to regulate the way team members access data within vital, ‘high security’ areas such as server or communication rooms. Installing Access Control and Security Systems is a step in this direction. We have earned the trust of individual, business and corporate customers offering Access Control and Security Systems installations. Clients who install these systems safeguard themselves against threats of cyber or indeed malicious crime.

We install the latest wired, and cloud based, access control solutions that allow clients to monitor and manage access to their premises both on-site and remotely. We bring to you customised, configurable access control systems that are known for their flexibility and reliability. Custom access policies can be set and altered at will. From employee to visitor movements every detail can be logged into a database for future use and review.

Micron Group’s Security Experts rank number one in offering tailored security solutions,  meeting the needs of our vast client base. We don’t merely install security systems at your location. Our team carefully assesses your needs, studies the security challenges you face, in turn, helping you choose the right Access Control and Security System which fits your business needs.

Our team keeps a constant vigil on the emerging threats within our community and indeed the latest developments within the security sector, you can rest assured, the security system installed at your location by Micron Group’s technicians and engineers is state of the art, monitored, and ready to keep your property and business safe.

For more information on our access control and security systems, installation, or monitored solutions, you can refer to our website’s service page or get in touch with us for further queries.

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