Added Ease and Security for Aged Care

September 25, 2021 micronoffice

As is often the case in many buildings, key systems often become neglected or obsolete over time, leading to decreased reliability and performance and negative impact to the businesses operating on the premises. The aging Concept Access control systems at one of Sydney’s premier aged care facility, a critical system which had reached its end-of-life., having ceased responding to attempts to interface with it for updating or programming tasks.

In response, Micron’s inhouse experts engineered a full industry-leading Inner Range Integriti Access Control System for all four remote sites, and a paired-back Integriti solution for a fourth site that allowed the retention of the existing door strikes and swipe points.

Of utmost importance during each upgrade was the security of the many elderly residents occupying the facility, many with varying degrees of dementia.

Both systems featured a new Integriti Access Controller (IAC) and new door controllers, along with new back up batteries and power supplies. Each system was seamlessly integrated with the alarm system so that inputs from door reed switches also report back. Where they differed significantly, aside from sheer size, was in the addition a dedicated head-end computer, lift controller integration, swipe points for access to safes and many other features.

The migration of card holders from an old access control system to a new often presents several hurdles, especially if the existing system is largely non-responsive. proved a formidable data transfer challenge as our technicians were unable to access previous data and reconstructed the database manually from the ground up with each users details while programming new access cards.

A key part of the project was also the relocation of the main access controller unit to a more suitable location within the manager’s office and IT communications room. This involved the extension of existing cabling and the provision of new power circuitry. At the precincts head office Micron technicians loaded the new head end computer with the latest Integriti software for easy commissioning of cards and system monitoring. For cost effectiveness two door controllers were retained once firmware was updated.

Micron worked closely with aged care management to ensure security of each facility was maintained while Micron technicians delivered a highly compressed program of works that saw system infrastructure built in parallel to the existing system over the course of a week.

The addition of guards at key entry points, enabled the changeover to the new Integriti system and decommissioning of the old to take place within a single day.

All site projects were delivered on time and within budget, and management now has the peace of mind of knowing they have a robust, world-class access control system to keep their residents safe and cared for.

We are proud to have delivered two brilliant turn-key solutions which make important and measurable contributions to the security of their buildings.


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