Electrical Switchboard Installation – 52 Martin Place

March 9, 2021 Blog Team

Micron was commissioned to replace all existing house switchboards with new custom switchboards. All protection devices to be upgraded from circuit breakers to Residual Current devices, RCBO’s to meet current standards.

Client: Colliers International
Location/Building: 52 Martin Place
Project Name: Switchboard Upgrade
Project Budget (approx.): > $1M
Start date: 3rd May 2019
Finish date: 29th June 2019

Scope Summary:

Each switchboard was a custom designed Switchboard for each level and plantroom. Multiple tenancies as well as base building services effected by the power shutdown.

Switchboards with AC and DC sections

Were there any challenges during this project and how did we overcome them?

Initial challenges in planning stage that we came across were the size of switchboards and size of risers that they are located in. To overcome this challenge, we took a series of measurements and sent them to the switchboard manufacturers. The switchboard manufactures also came out to the site to have a look at the job in its entirety. From then we worked closely to develop a set of drawings and planned measurements for each of the 26 plus switchboards that had to be approved before manufacturing of the boards could begin.

One of the unique features of these switchboards that had to be taken into account in the design phase of the switchboards is that they have a DC section that is segregated from the main AC section of the switchboard.

Another feature that had to be accommodated for in the design and installation phase of the switchboard project was the Cbus lighting control system. Each of the boards had a least one Cbus Lighting Control Relay, Cbus power supply and a network bridge. Space for all this hardware had to be cut out of the escutcheon. Adding to the customization of each board.

Also, a further challenge of the planning stage was working with the multiple tenants as well as the contractors that managed the base building services that would be affected when the power to the board that was being replaced would be shutdown. For example, when we replaced one of the bigger house boards we had to temporary supply power to 2 x main telecom rooms that are located in the building, from the same board we has to temp supply the building comms room which among other things ran the buildings CCTV system, and from the same board we also needed to temporary supply a mechanical board so that the air conditioning and stair pressurization fans would not be effected through out the replacement of this switchboard.

Another challenge of this project was liaising with the multiple tenants to coordinate and communicate what would be affected when replacing the switchboard.

A big challenge during the installation of the switchboards was the fact that the emergency lighting system for the house services is a 110VDC system and the cabling is mineral insulated metal sheaf (MIMS). Due to the nature of this cable and its age dressing these circuits into the switchboards must be done with precision to avoid damage.

Did we complete on time and meet the client’s expectations?

Expectation of the client were met as all boards were installed and all protection devices upgraded to meet the current standards.

You may want to read more on switchboards and RCD units https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Residual-current_device


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