Emergency Infrastructure

November 18, 2016
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November 18, 2016 Blog Team

Emergency services form part of the building and office infrastructure designed to ensure the safety of personnel in the event of power outage, or sudden threat. Emergency services include emergency lighting, smoke detection, audible evacuation signalling and substitute power generation. Loss of emergency services in instances of power outage, fire or sudden threat, can have serious human, financial, and legal ramifications including:

  • Threat of injury or human loss
  • Loss of workspace and extended downtime
  • Code violation
  • Risk of heavy penalties and prosecution
  • Loss of employee confidence
  • High turnover (resulting in the need for training and retraining)

Primary Services

Primary services represent entrenched building and office infrastructure responsible for power distribution, telecommunications and key securities. Primary systems outage can be costly, embarrassing, and have dramatic impacts on business operation including:

  • Loss of customer data, internal records, and files
  • Unavailability of workspace and facilities
  • E-business interruption resulting from the unavailability of servers, cloud/internet, stored data
  • Inability to take orders and respond to customer needs
  • Revenue loss resulting from downtime and high cost of repair
  • Lost employee and business productivity
  • Projection of negative corporate image to investors and clients
  • Customer loss to alternate providers

How to Ensure the Proper and safe operation of Emergency and Primary Services

Micron professionals work together with your facilities management personnel to develop a comprehensive continuity plan, ensuring the proper and safe operation of emergency systems and key business applications in the event of power outage or sudden threat.

Our no obligation assessment offers business and government departments integrated solutions intended to ensure piece of mind – peace of mind?, and maximize cost savings created by well-maintained infrastructure networks.







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