Massive Office Relocation and Reconfiguration Project

December 30, 2018 micronoffice

Due to Micron Group’s extensive experience in top-tier commercial office works, we were engaged by one of our clients to facilitate the exodus of thousands of its staff from one office building, while relocating hundreds of staff into two adjacent buildings at their Sydney precinct

Taking place from March until October, and headed by Antony Lyon these works were vast in scope and involved the below works, to name just a few:

Decommission of office work stations across seven levels in two buildings:

To enable reconfiguration of the floor plans for the installation of additional desks and kitchen extensions, this initial phase of the works required power and data cabling to be carefully removed from each workstation and secured in ceiling cavities for later installation.

Installation of power and data to newly built workstations:

Once the new workstations were constructed, Micron’s team of specialist technicians came in to reinstall existing power and data and to install new circuits and data points to the additional workstations. Working both after hours during the week and on the weekends, our techs provided the full installation solution, from the running of new cabling to terminating, testing, labeling and commissioning of each circuit and data point, both at the various electrical distribution boards and communications rooms all the way to the desks.Installation of power and lighting to five extended kitchens:

To accommodate the additional personnel, our client required the extension of multiple kitchen areas.
To achieve this outcome Micron’s involvement was twofold:

  1. First power and data were removed from walls to be demolished followed by the installation of up to seven dedicated power circuits to service each kitchen’s wide array of appliances and vending machines.
  2. Next our team reconfigured each lighting circuit to match the new kitchen footprint and installed custom high-efficiency LED down lights to illuminate and beautify each kitchen.
  3. Finally, for fire safety compliance, we reconfigured the existing emergency lighting layout and commissioned any new fittings into the building’s smart emergency lighting control system.
  4. Relocation of multi-screen audio visual boards:

Along with the dozens of business units 11 computers driving dynamic content to more than 60 screens needed to also be relocated. To ensure business continuity these complex visual information systems needed to be quickly, yet carefully, removed from their original locations and reinstalled ready to serve each team’s needs at their new location. Micron also played an integral part is designing the optimal arrangement of each multi-screen set-up for maximum effect and usability.

Relocation of 100V multi-floor client radio system

To create a productive atmosphere and convey important audio messages to staff, our client employed a large multi-floor audio system comprising over 500 ceiling-mounted speakers, multiple rack-mounted amplifiers and individual zone volume controls, both at the rack and in the field. The system was removed in its entirety from the building to be vacated and reinstalled with thousands of meters of new audio cabling across six floors of the adjacent office building.

Whether you are part of a “Big Four” bank or a company of one, Micron have a proven track record of success, and customer satisfaction, in some of the highest profile office environments in the country. Our Philosophy

As in the example above, Micron’s expertise, professionalism, technical knowledge and ability to deliver on schedule position us as the perfect provider for all your office installation services. See also The Importance of Careful planning


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