Micron Fire Management Systems

November 18, 2016
November 18, 2016 Blog Team

Dependable Fire Management and Early Warning Systems are fundamental in providing critical notification to building occupants in instances of fire or sudden threat.

Micron provides a comprehensive range of Fire Indicator Panels (FIP), Early Warning Systems (EWS), and Very Early Smoke Detection Systems (VESDA) aimed at providing business with absolute protection against potential fire and evacuation hazards. Our technical staff work methodically to ensure installed systems function to exacting standards, minimizing erroneous alarms, and providing maximal organizational uptime and business continuity.
All Micron Fire Management Systems employ industry leading technology and components. Our products not only meet but exceed all relevant national and international standards, and are wholly IS09001 compliant. Our comprehensive consultancy, maintenance and support programs, further complement our absolute dedication to providing our clients with a fire management system, capable of enduring and adapting to changing organizational demands.



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