Data Cabling Installation and Network Services

November 18, 2020
November 18, 2020 Blog Team

Why Micron Data Cabling installation & Network Services?
There are two proven means to building and maintaining a high performance data network -one, a methodical data cabling installation, and superior technology. Micron Group offer and implements both.

From our core competencies in network consultancy, performance engineering, and certified structured cabling solutions, Micron has developed, and continues to foster a reputation for providing enterprise with industry leading logistical and connectivity solutions.

Achieving Optimal Network Performance

Performance and flexibility are inherent aspects of the Micron philosophy. Each Micron solution is designed to optimize network performance and facilitate network expansion and modernization. Quality, service, and ultimately customer satisfaction is what we strive for when we complete your installation. Micron Group is proud to be partnered with industry-leading suppliers and material partners. Names such as Seimon, Clipsal, Schneider, and Anixter are synonymous with product innovation and excellence. Their premium materials such as fiber optic cables, category 6, 6A and category 7, data communication cables and network equipment is utilized by Micron Group making our installations and products guaranteed premium quality.

Small Sample of Micron Groups Data, Cabling & Network Services offered to our clients – why not get in touch to find out more..

Cabling Solutions
Data cabling
Fibre optic cabling
Communication room structured cabling
Support structures
ICN infrastructure

Infrastructure Installations
Racking and infrastructure
Communications room
Inter-building links
Cross campus communications
Long Range wireless links
WIFI Installations
WIFI access points
WIFI Adaptors
Network switches
Managed and un-managed
network infrastructure
Carrier Installations
Mobile phone signal boosting
Wireless LIFT CCTV Systems
Communications room power
Surge protection for communications equipment
Communication room electrical switchboard power monitoring
UPS uninterruptible power supplies
PDU Installations

Data Network Auditing and design
UPS system design and engineering
DATA Backbone design & engineering
Infrastructure auditing and mapping
Performance engineering and auditing
Communication room design and engineering
Network optimization

With a responsive team of professionals, leading edge products, precisely matched and balanced cabling infrastructure solutions, in addition to a range of custom connectivity and cross media conversion tools, Micron can effectively provide business with a total systems solution. Micron Group’s experienced in house team of data technicians, network engineers, and electricians offer our clients modern solutions to ensure your network and data cabling services operate at speeds and optimum performance across a vast range of network services. Call or email our office today to discuss your next data cabling or network project, our dedicated engineering team will be glad to assist with your request. Read more on wiki regarding structured cabling.


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