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Three Phase Installations

Three phase power is the backbone of the electrical distribution network. It powers virtually all multi-tenancy residential and commercial buildings and is essential for driving the majority of building plant and equipment from chillers to roller doors. Micron Group specialize in Three Phase Power Installations and can assist your team with any power query.

In Australia three-phase power is 415V (a calculation derived from 240V single phase voltage x the square root of 3). While each phase individually remains at 240V, what gives three-phase systems additional energy is firstly, the increase in available current and secondly, the overlap of the voltage sine wave of each phase which means no loss of power in between cycles.
Beyond the obvious three-phase switchboard and circuit breakers, there is a wide range of additional infrastructure available for today’s complex three phase environment:

Three Phase Power Installation



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    Three Phase Power


    3 Phase Installation

Three Phase Electrical Installation – Advanced Metering

Advanced Metering
Current Transformer (CT) metering

Micron Group’s inhouse ASP2 electricians are skilled and trained in the installation and configuration of any whole or three phase CT metering solution, from switchboard light and power metering to high current supply metering, we’ve got you covered.

“Micron Group, a Certified Level 2 ASP Metering Supplier”

Supplies over 200A are too big for standard whole meters to handle and must be metered via a special enclosure installed with current transformers connected to a special three phase meter.

Each phase’s mains cable passes through its own CT where the electromagnetic effect of the current induces a lesser current in the CT windings. This transformed current is calculated by the meter and the total load current of the three phase mains is recorded.

We can help you understand metering and the new rules set out in the National Construction Code NCC Part J8.3 commercial applications.

Three Phase Metering Level 2ASP

Three Phase installation and Service of Power Factor Correction Units

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Sustainable and efficient power is paramount in what we do. Power factor is a measurement of how efficient your building is at using its electrical supply, calculated as Real Power (kW) ÷ Apparent Power (kVA).

Power Factor Correction Installation

Micron Group electricians and engineers supply, install and integrate three phase PFC units to commercial and industrial buildings ultimately improving efficiency and saving thousands of dollars in energy costs, and tons of CO emissions.

What is Real Power?

When it comes to three phase AC power it is important to know the difference between Real and Apparent Power. Real power is the amount of power your equipment uses, while apparent power is the total power supplied to your building from the grid.

Three Phase Installations, Why is Cos Φ Important?

A building functions at it most efficient when it is at a power factor Cos Φ of ‘one’, or unity, meaning it is neither inductive nor capacitive overall but purely resistive.
The efficiency of your typical three phase installation is hampered by the accumulative effect of various highly inductive loads (e.g. lifts, motors and fluorescent lighting). These loads drag the power factor down, increasing the apparent (supplied) power from the grid relative to actual usage. While a physics or electrical engineering degree helps in calculating these effects, a Power Factor Correction unit takes the headache away by monitoring the buildings power factor in real time and stepping in banks of large capacitors to correct this issue and restore the building to optimal efficiency.

Three Phase Electrical Installation Power Factor Correction


    Three Phase Installation

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    PFC Units


    PFC Install Maintenance

RCDs and Circuit Breakers

Three Phase Variable Speed Drives

The installation of three phase VSD’s allow Micron Group to achieve energy savings of up to 55%. AC power in Australia cycles at 50Hz, a frequency produced at the source by our network of power stations.

For electrical motors, this frequency determines maximum running speed, which is great for small on/off bathroom fans but unsuitable for large pump and fan motors which require a slow ramp up or the ability to regulate the motor speed to meet demand.
A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) provides smooth ramp up and infinite speed control via altering the frequency output of the power before it is delivered to the motor.
Programmable operation is also possible by integration of sensors to inputs within the VSD, such as increasing the motor frequency in response to a drop in pressure, useful for VSDs driving fire stair pressurisation fans.

Micron Group’s Variable Speed Drives have advanced communication capabilities which allows us to monitor the motor’s health to identify potential issues and opportunities for improvement.

Three Phase Installation VSD Variable Frequency Drives

Whatever your three-phase requirements the team at Micron Group can provide a comprehensive solution. From data logging and analysis of your building’s energy consumption to the installation, maintenance or upgrade of core infrastructure, Micron Group are here to help. Give us call today! 02 9221 6155



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