Micron Project

Design and Install 52 Switchboards Martin Place NSW

Scope Summary

Micron was contracted to design, manufacture and commission 52 new switchboards, 52 Martin Place NSW, removing and disposing of the existing. The new custom designed switchboards all incorporate modern RCD & surge protection built to meet the latest ASNZ standards. The building boasts and integral DC emergency system, automation and surge protection, all incorporated in the new switchboard design. Home to the Seven Network, the NSW Government, and a number of legal, financial, commercial, and retail outlets, 52 Martin Place is heavily reliant on power, with many tenants operating 24/7 the sheer logistics in replacing the switchboards proved extremely challenging.

Unique feature of this project

The project boasts unique features, one of which is the building’s central DC battery bank. Pyrotenax, mineral insulated metal sheath cables connect to all switchboards and provide 110VDC standby power in the event of a power failure. The 110VDC system was incorporated in the design of all new switchboards, strict DC segregation from the main AC section was maintained. Another unique feature is the Cbus lighting automation system. Switchboards consist of Cbus communication modules networked throughout the building. Installing the automation hardware involved custom manufacturing, adding unique complexity, to the custom design.


We were met with a multitude of challenges throughout the project. One major hurdle during the construction and planning stage was the sheer size of all switchboards, coupled with the restricted space within the electrical riser. To overcome this challenge, engineers converted all site measurements to cad, refining the DB enclosures. Micron Group ensured critical building systems remained online during the project. Engineers redirected power to the buildings, fire, communication, and other essential services ensuring critical services remain online during shutdown periods.

Working with the building’s tenants, contractors, and management teams presented a unique challenge. Micron was faced with the task of coordinating power shutdowns. The building, built in the 1980’s consists of a MIMS copper backbone feeding emergency lighting systems. The cables are fragile are require expert disconnection and re connection.


All client expectations were met, & all switch boards were installed professionally to Micron Group’s exacting standards, tested, programmed, and commissioned to the latest electrical standards without incident. All protection devices were upgraded to meet the current standards.

Project details


    Rest Super

  • DATE:

    June 2019


    52 Martin Pl Sydney

  • VALUE:

    > 500K

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