Micron Project

Milestone, Avigilon CCTV System King Street Wharf NSW

Scope Summary

Micron were engaged to provide an upgrade solution for the aging CCTV and access control systems across the four residential towers and four commercial buildings that make up the King St Wharf precict. An extensive underground carpark and loading lock was also included in the scope.

Unique feature of this project

Micron selected a Milestone CCTV system to replace the analogue CCTV system. This comprised a total of 214 Avigilon high resolution cameras of various types including a registration plate identification camera installed at the entrance to the car park. The new Integriti access control system provided a virtually seamless transition from the legacy system, as most of the existing cabling, as well as HID swipe card readers, were able to be retained. The benefit of the combination of Milestone and Integrity is the high-level integration possible between each system. A main communications rack was installed at a central location, with four fiber optic-linked field node racks positioned to service two buildings each. A new multiple monitor array was setup for security staff as well as a terminal with 50” display for KSW management.


CCTV cable installation posed one of the greatest challenges of the project due to the unconventional configuration of the building’s services pathways. One pathway traced a meandering route from our CCTV rack in the main switch room, through a service corridor, a basement lift lobby to a riser, through a wall into the ceiling cavity of a bar and finally up into the riser that supplied higher floors. Another passed through a tight gap above a large restaurant cool store before finding its way upwards to the building riser.
On the programming front, the transfer of thousands of resident swipe passes to the Integriti system posed a technical challenge due the legacy system’s encryption and lack of the key. These obstacles were successfully surmounted, and programming commenced rapidly.


Although a large-scale project conducted through the height of COVID 19 restrictions, Micron Group were able to not only deliver ahead of schedule but also accommodate a number of requests for additional cameras and other changes outside of the original scope.

Project details


    King Street Wharf Authority

  • DATE:

    August 2020


    KSW Lime Street Sydney

  • VALUE:

    > 700K

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