Led Lighting Installation – Electrical Project

Led Lighting Installation - Martin Place

All lighting within the main entry foyer to be upgraded from metal halide globes and fluorescent tubes to high efficient LED. All aged control gear, high level ceiling lights, and strip lighting was replaced to architectural LED. Primary design scope was to light a very large space whilst reducing power consumption and maintaining lux levels.

Micron Group was commissioned by Colliers International to replace all ageing lights within the large space of the iconic 52 Martin Place foyer. The new LED lighting installation would include high-efficient LED lights from Arkos. The biggest challenge Micron faced with this LED lighting installation project was maintaining the lighting lux level in the lobby, whilst meeting the client’s requirement to reduce power consumption. The obvious solution was to upgrade the existing metal halide lighting to efficient, natural, bright LED lighting, lowering the overall power consumption and increasing lux levels. Nonetheless, lighting a seven-meter foyer would require powerful, yet efficient LED lights to ensure the space is adequately lit.

The very shallow space above the ceiling presented an additional challenge for Micron Group engineers and electricians, having to modify the concrete ceiling to fit the large heat sinks which are fitted to top of each LED lighting. Luminaries needed to be bright, architectural, and energy efficient, most importantly shallow enough to fit into this space. The LED lighting installation would require a complete rethink to ensure all lighting parameters & client expectations were met without compromise.

After multiple meetings with our lighting suppliers, and the client, a lighting package was specified & designed by Micron Group engineers. LED Lights would include 20w seamless LED lighting strips, various sized LED down lights, LED lighting track, and LED lighting wall washers. All LED Lights maintain efficiency, brightness and a high CRI index complementing the prestigious Martin Place foyer.

Our Major Challenge: Martin Place building management requested all LED lights to be installed within one day (when the building was closed to tenants & staff). Micron Group electricians faced the daunting task of modifying the ceiling, replacing all lights with new LED lighting, integrating all new LED lights to the building’s Cbus automation system, and finally disposing of the existing lights, all to be completed within one day, as requested by the client.

A safety plan was implemented to complete the LED lighting installation works safely & efficiently. The lighting installation was completed over a 24-hour period when the building was closed to the public. Equipped with two large scissor lifts, dedicated high-access equipment, and a team of 10 technicians, Micron Group electricians completed the lighting installation within the requested time frame, exceeding client and tenant expectations.

Project Details

    Colliers International

  • YEAR:

    Nov 2019


    52 Martin Place

  • VALUE:

    > 200K



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