Micron CBUS DALI Automation Project

University of Sydney Charles Perkins Centre Cbus Lighting Automation Upgrade

Micron Group was commissioned to upgrade and refurbish the main CBUS backbone within Sydney University’s prestigious Charles Perkins Centre, John Hopkins Drive, Camperdown NSW.
Established in 2012, boasting incredible design and innovation the Charles Perkins Centre is described as “a multidisciplinary research centre committed to improving global health.” The centre is automated by Clipsal’s leading automation system, Cbus, and boasts an incredible number of automation features including automated lighting, Dali integration, and sensor control. Sydney University facility managers along with CPC staff wanted to enhance the operation of the facility, approaching Micron Group to redesign, and upgrade the Cbus automation system to current standards.

Evaluation of the CPC lighting automation system was undertaken, complete with building network scans, and software interrogation analysis. Once assessed Micron Group specified to replace the existing backbone components with new Schneider SHAC automation controllers. The new TCP IP network design featured 30 new Smart Automation Controllers connected via a new IP backbone integrated by Micron Group engineers & linked to the building main head end computer.

The new system was integrated to CPC’s basement laboratory, allowing automation controllers to control the buildings DALI lighting system. The system is programmed and designed to emulate circadian daylight changes at any given hour, giving University researchers the ability to change, dim, or brighten lights to emulate a 24hour period at any hour in the absence of natural daylight.

To compliment the 30 SHAC automation controllers, Micron Group integrated custom display software and monitoring tools, linked to a central display, accessible by the University’s research staff. Users are able to view hours of operation, both historically and in real time, ensuring critical experiments are conducted to University of Sydney’s demanding standards, without incident.

The University of Sydney’s, Technical Facilities Manager, Central Operations Services (COS) commented on the sustainable outcome delivered by the successful project.

Project details


    Sydney University

  • DATE:

    Feb 2021


    CPC John Hopkins Drive, Camperdown

  • VALUE:

    > 200K

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