Wireless BMU CCTV Installation at Barangaroo Tower One

May 24, 2021 Blog Team

How do you install a monitored CCTV system on a moving basket hanging 50 floors over the side of a 55 level skyscraper ? ? ?

The renowned and iconic Tower One, Barangaroo, was to undergo monitored façade upgrades earlier this year requiring the use of the buildings ‘building maintenance unit’ (BMU) housed on level 51 of the tower. Restoration required the use of specialized tools and equipment and all needed to be monitored in real time. Only one problem, how do you monitor a moving basket hanging 50 floors over the side of a 55level skyscraper? Enter Micron Group!

Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL) management requested the ability to monitor the buildings BMU remotely and commissioned Micron Group to customize a mobile CCTV surveillance solution to view the BMU, its occupants, and location at any time via a remote connection networked to the building’s CCTV screens. After numerous safety audits and meetings, a safety strategy was implemented to ensure the safety of contractors using the BMU was not compromised and work began on engineering a cost effective surveillance solution

The CCTV installation would require an integrated surveillance system capable of functioning remotely mounted on the BMU cradle with the ability to access the live view stream and recordings remotely. Being suspended over the side of the building up to 51 stories high, the entire CCTV Surveillance system was required to be, lightweight, weatherproof, and integrated on the cradle itself. This required a compact, mobile video recorder with wireless 4G capabilities and the ability to view live footage and also retrieve stored video footage.

Configuration of the BMU:

The BMU is designed to access different areas of the building. To keep the cradle fronting the right direction the support arms need to be rearranged according to the exact location on the building that work is carried out, as a result the surveillance camera mounted on the cradle support arms would be facing the building in some situations and facing away from the building in others, in turn the CCTV installation would need to cater to this arrangement.   

To overcome these problems, Micron Group technicians installed two cameras with specialized network cables to each camera. The CCTV installation comprised of two IP cameras connected simultaneously depending on BMU configuration by Micron Group technicians. The data network cabling between the POE cameras and the network video recorder also needed the ability to be easily disconnected and re-connected when the BMU configuration was changed. To achieve this, Micron Group engineers mounted IP rated weatherproof quick-disconnection modules and enclosures on the support arms of the BMU, to enable electrical cabling to be disconnected and reconnected as required.

Integration with the BMU:

The entire CCTV surveillance system needed to be mounted on the BMU cradle, it needed to be small enough to fit into an area where it would not be damaged and required to be integrated into the power supply of the BMU. Micron Group engineers developed a compact mobile video recorder installed in a specialized IP vandal proof electrical enclosure mounted on the outside of the BMU cradle. The enclosure was mounted in a position that did not interfere with existing cables on the BMU cradle or with the general operation of the BMU, and custom-built electric power and network leads manufactured to allow the system to be plugged into the BMU power supply.

Remote viewing:

The custom CCTV surveillance system is contained within the BMU cradle and is moved to numerous locations as required. Fixed cabling to the building was not possible. To overcome this issue, the video recorder was designed with a 4G antenna connected remotely to view the live footage and playback recordings using specialized software or via an IOS / android app.

The CCTV Installation was completed, programmed, and commissioned ready for the building’s upgrade works and proven an absolute success, further enhancing the building’s strict safety measures.

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